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Time to talk about this roleplaying thing that has been bothering me for awhile, i got into an argument with one of my players few weeks ago.

I dont force my players to roleplay their characters, i assume them to play their charcters. It is a roleplaying game afterall? if you dont like to play the role of your character, get out and shut up.  It is as simple as that. Or is it?

So this friend of mine, always talks about how he likes to roleplay. I havent seen him doing it not even once. I wondered if it the D&D we are playing, and he assumed this is a hackfest sort of game. Dont think so as all my other players roleplay. He is just hittig things and throwing dice and telling stories how he likes to roleplay his characters..

So then i went and asked him, why dont you roleplay now? I get some weird explanation about D&D not rewarding roleplaying. Wtf? Is there a system that rewards roleplaying? Yes, you can get experience point for your character but is that rewarding? For me a good roleplaying session is rewarding. When we have a nice roleplaying session going on for few hours, drama, funny sayings, in character arguments and such. The characters personality evolves and deepens. When everyone around the table knows their characters. It leaves you a huge smile for hours after the session, boy that is FUN and rewarding! If you dont like that kind of stuff, maybe you should not be playing roleplaying games. Try World of Warcraft or such.

You know Role-Playing, it’s the name of the game so play it that way. Just my few cents.


Update and stuff

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Time for an update, it’s been awhile as i am not a rly active blogger and have nothing smart to say anyway.

Counsil of Thieves, well that campaing died. I dont have excact reason why did it die, but it just died. Some reasons where perhaps that my players dont realy like Golarion, and i dont like too much either. And i just dont like d20 campaing that takes place in city. But we decided to start a new one, this time we will be taking on Eberron, it’s an excelent and interesting world. Like Indiana Jones in fantasy world. i will be the gamemaster and prolly but some notes about the campaing here when start playing.

I havent done much preparing for it, read the campaing setting again and skimmed thro some other source material. I have in mind a somesort of “sandbox” style campaing, where the players are in focus, not some big plot. I will include some overalla plot to it, maybe demons or such planning to destroy world, but the players are free to go where they wish, focusing on Indiana Jones type of adventuring. Sounds fun atleast in paper lets see how that goes. As for character creation a have only one request for characters backrounds: they need to be adventurers and there must be a reason why. Simple.

And news then, the Finnish roleplaying magazine, Roolipelaaja, died. Not a big consern to be, as i the magazine offered little for me. But it’s a shame anyway. Maybe we get a new one sometime if someone is upto the task. Lets see.

Counsil of Thieves 1st session

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Allright folks, the campaign is up and running. We played our first game on tuesday, and had a blast. The characters are quite different this time, but it wont matter.  Shame, my fourth player could not come this point but his coming later. So far the characters are:

Half-orc Wizard

Half-orc Fighter

These 2 bastards are like caramon and raistlin, except the fighter is quite smart. And the wizard is a weakling.

Then we have a Tiefling Rogue. Nothing to say about this, quite a classic consept. Good roleplaying opportunities, especialy in this campaign.

So some notes about the session. Characters met Janiven at the Vizios tavern, and discussed ’bout the cituation in Westcrown. They all agreed that something needs to be done.  Just when they were about to leave, a young boy rushed thro the door, exhausted saying that Hellknights are coming. Janiven quickly led the character to the sewers.

In the sewers, the group encountered goblins, traps, brown mold, zombies and cleverly ambushed a hellknight patrol, before finaly making their way to the Children of Westcrown hideout. There they learned that  Arael, leader on this rebel group, has been captured and was soon to be transported to hellknight fortress. They started planning the rescue.

The session was quite short. As we talked a lot about the campaign, but we had fun anyway.

Soon, new game. I hope

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Yay, im going to start soon a new campaign, Paizos Counsil of Thieves. I have the pdf of it, but still waiting for the copy to arrive. I have gathered my players and have good group of 4 players, one of them new to me but he seems like an ok fella. One problem i still have with it, i dont have a working printer at the moment, so still wondering where to get character sheets and the players guide for the AP.  I will post some notes about the AP to this blog when we get it started.

Other news from the world where i live, it seem that Disney bought marvel for 4billion dollars. It needs to wait for abit to see what effect it will have, but im looking forward to it with horror.

My Roleplaying history

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It seems to be some kind of trend to blog about playing history, so that seems like a good first post here.

I started all this fantasy and scifi crap with warhammer fantasy and 40k miniatures game. First we played just normal army versus army games, but soon we started to build small warbands lead by a great hero. Like mordheim, altough the rules were our own. The heroes gained experience and gold through victory and such, it was great fun back in the days.

It must have been something like 2001-02 when i was in Fantasiapelit, Helsinki searching trough the merchandise. Then i spotted it, Runequest. I read it in the car back to vaasa and called my friend in the midle of the night telling about this new game i just bought. We started playing it right away, and boy we were hooked. Soon after i got my hands on D&D and we started making our own system. A hybrid of d20 and d100 systems, it was a crap system but we played it ALOT. The game world was dragonlances krynn, and we played the campaing about 3times a week for 1.5years. That was fun, propably the best memory of my roleplaying history.

Then i went to school and a found some new rpg friends, one of the guys introduced me to WoD and Vampire and later Exalted. We played lots of campaings of vampire and had tons of fun. Then the friend moved back to helsinki and my roleplaying was on hiatus. Altough i bought and read new books and learned new systems.

I played few games 2006-07 but nothing long term campaings. Then in the late 2008 i found it, Paizos excelent Rise of the Runelords adventure path, and dam i was excited. I started gathering players and soon i had an excelent group of friends. We played weekly for about 5-6months, and we all agreed that the Pathfinder RPG will be our game of choice. Now the pathfinder RPG is out and im planing the next campaing, Counsil of Thieves, which will start sometime around september. Maybe i will write a report or two.

Im looking forward for years of excitment to come with the Pathfinder RPG.


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So, i decided to start a blog. I have no idea why i am doing this, or how long i will be doing this. Anyway here i am.

Okay then i am a 20 years old student from Vaasa, Finland. My main interest are roleplaying games, movies and books of allsort so those will be the main topics in this blog. These days i play mostly the new Pathfinder RPG along with Wfrp 2nd edition, and some horror games if i have time(coc, toc, wod…)

Well, that’s about it. Stay tuned for some boring stuff about rpg’s and some other random rambling